Luisa Turuani

Luisa Turuani is a multimedia artist. She uses sculpture, photography, drawing, video, urban interventions to show the relationship between contrasted things which seem without any connection. Turuani is interested in how the artist can animate object. So, she explores the limit that relates life and death. Recent exhibitions include: StableUnstable (Varese, 2018) cured by L. Scarabelli; Artagon III (Paris, 2017) with H.U. Obrist as president of the jury. She was finalist at the Combat Prize and at the Nocivelli Prize in 2018. She lives and works in Milan and she graduated from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.

Trap for sky

I think my work would benefit from being part of the City Takeover because my projects usually take origin from searching the reasons that lead someone to think differently from me. Even if I think that art could be the perfect way to understand human nature, I have to admit that art is often separated from life, like a world in the world. I am fascinated by City Takeover because it spreads art in the city; so, it could be a challenge for me to see how much my work involves people who are not specialised in art. Collaborating with artists from other disciplines is an opportunity to reconsidering my idea of art. Seeing through the eye of people who work and think differently from me, is the way to see usual things as it was the first time. I think that this kind of experience could be the occasion to see art as a complex way of thinking without distinctions and categorizations (painting, sculpture, photography, graphic, ...). My personal development would benefit from participating because I need to breathe an open mind habitat that pays attention to the researching practises and not only to art voted to the market.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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