Jasmine Ellie Brown

Jasmine Ellie Brown is a mixed media jeweller/artist, she uses bright and illustrative designs to generate statement pieces surrounding social and political issues. She uses her drawings to directly transform them into laser cut pin badges which have a light-hearted nature but a strong voice and a clear message. Jasmine's aim is to create work which is inclusive to everyone and relating to real people and their opinions. Jasmine recently graduated from UCA Rochester with a BA in Contemporary Jewellery, exhibited multiple times locally in Kent and also at New Designers Part 1 2018 where she won the UK Young Artists Award to become part of the Nottingham takeover in 2019.

These badges are part of my Female Empowerment series which all of the badges are surrounding topics relating to feminism or everyday phrases used to encourage people to feel good about themselves. I wanted my pieces to be current yet still pay homage to the history of feminism as badges have deep political roots, being at the forefront of protests for years. The badges when worn are intended to enable the wearer to feel empowered within themselves and encourage conversation with others, and hopefully then inspire viewers to feel empowered themselves. Empowered women empower women.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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