Chlamydia the Band

Chlamydia the Band - Emily Dunlop and Camille Biddell originated from a performance art collective called Chlamydia, set up at Edinburgh College of Art. They started the band out of curiosity and out of their love of working collaboratively. As the band developed, they became aware of its command of an audience that disrupted the usually impenetrable atmosphere of an art exhibition. In November 2018, Chlamydia the Band was invited to perform by Turner-prize nominee artist Monster Chetwynd at her exhibition in Turin. The band played alongside puppeteers and performers in her large- scale, multi-media installation. This experience gave them the drive for the kind of work they want to make, and the energy and humour that their art can bring to the table, so opposite to the uptight atmosphere of many contemporary art events.


UKYA Skegness Weekender 2019

PerformanceOliver WoodC