Joanne Masding

Joanne Masding (b. 1985) is an artist working in Birmingham. Joanne’s work is made to investigate the worth, ownership and production of physical stuff, and how this translates to a world that is increasingly digital, immaterial and reproducible. Recent exhibitions include: stuffs wander off, a shape steps in, Two Queens, Leicester, 2016 (solo); Division of Labor: Image, Music, Text at IMT, London, and The Place of the Scene, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 2015. She is currently artist in residence at University of Birmingham.


‘New Rehang’ are three series of works that take a catalogue of artefacts from the British Museum as their starting point. Made from catalogue pages, plaster and holographic vinyl, the works aim to draw attention to the act of experiencing and perceiving objects, and consider the gap between encountering an original specimen and a version of it as a reproduction.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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