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Alan Armstrong

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Armstrong has lived at 10 Melrose St, Nottingham since 1st June 2009. 10 Melrose St was his first house with a garden. Since living at this premises a harmless weed has grown in the garden to the current size of 4ft in diameter The weed, now identified as a spear thistle is now deemed ‘invasive’ under the government guidelines outlined in The Weed Act 1959. In accordance of the rules and regulations of The Weed Act 1959, a decision has been taken to take decisive action.

The weed act

Armstrong’s project based practice stems from narratives that appear to arise thought everyday situations, and responding to these situations through work that encompasses video, sculpture and live art works. Armstrong’s practice regularly evolves into overcoming challenges and obstacles established by the projects objectives. Interested in the placing and viewing of visual art in non-art contexts, Armstrong’s work attempts to look at the placing of contemporary art today, through humorous oddities that surround him.