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Multiple Artists – UK Young Artists: On Screen

  • QUAD Derby, England, DE1 3AS Royaume-Uni (map)

Multiple Artists – UK Young Artists: On Screen
We've teamed up with QUAD to showcase the work of some of the best young filmmakers in a specially selected programme. Details below.

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Chris Alton – Under the Shade I Flourish

During the mid-1960s, ‘an unknown rhythm ‘n’ blues band’* called Trident were briefly managed by the non-UK domiciled billionaire, Michael Ashcroft; a controversial figure notable for 'opaque tax practices' and 'operating in the dark'. Under the Shade I Flourish imagines that Ashcroft continued to manage them. This pseudo-documentary film tells the story of Trident, through scripted interviews, fabricated archive footage and seemingly authoritative narration. Fact blurs with fiction and Trident become a vehicle to discuss the connections between Britain's colonial history and offshore finance.
*Dirty Politics, Dirty Times, Michael Ashcroft, 2005


Annabel Duggelby – Yarl's Wood

Yarl's Wood (2016) investigates the site of Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre near Bedford, England. The film explores the ways in which landscape and power are intertwined, and how Law and the regulation of mobility affects physical and psychical space.

Maryam Tafakory – Poem and Stone

Poem and Stone interweaves performance, documentary and poetry, drawing on notions of belonging, absence and the impossibility of a return. Strolling the streets of Tehran, unfolding recollections, inscribed as it were, through a language primarily material.

Rhea Storr – Carnival Talk: An Adequate Language

This film explores the coding of colour in the layering on a costume drawing a parallel to the layering of language. Carefully orchestrated abstraction is employed in the service of cultural identity through carnival, often denying embodiment of the costume, obscuring or revealing an author. 

Meet the filmmakers: 12:30–1pm

After the film showing why not pop down to the Green Room in QUAD? The artists will be available to answer any questions and to discuss their work in an informal conversation.