Zi Won Wang

Mechanical Avalokiteśvara ver. Sun

What is the human being? Who am I and who are we? In this science and technology era, what does it mean to ask about human nature? Human beings are reverting or dissolving into the unit by high technology such as computer science, information science, electronic engineering as well as genetic engineering and they get to combine themselves with machines or be virtualised. As new science has had enough power to change intrinsic human beings, the human beings as a natural existence or human nature have been the water under the bridge. Now the matter of humanity is no longer the matter of natural facts but the matter of a choice. Hence, the metaphysical question of human nature turns out to be the ethical question that requires our decisions since it lost its meaning. What I want to say is this: In this era, the question of what human nature is needs to be the question of what we would like to be, what kind of existence we should look for and what kind of existence we will need to choose? I will contemplate what steps human beings would face? Furthermore, I will go over whether we remain personal existences when we become such as a cyborg, artificial intelligence or cyber doer. We are expected to have an opportunity that helps us think of what to be, what kind of existence we will decide to be?



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

29_Mechanical flying fairy_urethane, metallic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor) 50 x40 x50(h)_2014.jpg
Visual ArtsOliver WoodZ