Zala Zagoršek

Zala Zagoršek is young glass artist from Slovenia. She is studying at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. In glass she is trying to capture moments and sentiments, translate it into material, and give an observer feeling of safety, silence and softness. In past years she was exhibiting in Sazava, Czech Republic, on Junior glass Ways competition (2016 and 2017), she is also a finalist for the Bullseye Emerge project (2018), and has collaborated at Lightning Guerilla 17 (2017) as a co-author of project K67. In year 2018 she was honoured with academy recognition award (for school work in glass and ceramics).


Where is my nest? Is my nest my home? Family? Where do I come from? For me, my nest is my head. My imagination. Since I know for myself, I have loved trees. They give me a feeling of being sheltered and safe. They give me almost a feeling of a hug, when my eyes gaze through their branches. And I am again and again mesmerized by the beauty of silhouette the branches make, when sun comes pouring through. I get kind of lost in this view and the beauty captivates me. For the moment, the sentiment of pure silence, safety and void embraces me. I feel almost invisible and at the same time, I am so much myself. This is thesensation I cannot describe in words, but it fills me with such softness and peace, it is the only moment, I feel absolutely at home. This moment of calmness, so fragile, I breathe in, and hold my breath, afraid to breathe out, so a feeling does not shatter. This moment, I call my home. My nest. And it is not bound to place or time, or any other living being. This moment is mine and mine only. I create it in my breath, and only I can sense it and hold onto it. My nest is not a physical place. It is a simple moment, twisted like a branches of trees. And as fragile and see through as thin, thin threads of glass.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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