Yun Jung Lee

Yun Jung Lee lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. Previous solo exhibitions include 'Running Road', Sarang Art Gallery, Seoul (2017); Multiple Viewpoints, Dorossy Salon, Seoul (2016). He was a Ph.D. Candidate in Painting at Hongik University in Seoul.

Multiple Viewpoints-at seocho station

The lines in my work give perspective to the paintings. The different thicknesses of the line express the proximity of the object while color fields are painted on the same plane. Color does not express sense of space or volume. Colors exist in the boundaries that I set and they express shapes and the contours of the color fields do not have lines. The lines and color fields coexist in harmony and do not weaken each other. The colors are added to support the objects. In addition to the main objects seen from moving perspective, the background is hidden by blank space and color fields and the blank space is on the same plane. However, it contains many objects and time, and the things other than the objects that I want to emphasize disappear on the canvas. The disappearance is not to disregard them but to express them in the blank space. The main objects are expressed while the less important parts including the background are omitted or expressed cursorily and these parts appear as blank space. The unexpressed parts are left to the audience's imagination.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

Ironically attractive 2, _Korean ink on Korean paper, 90_72cm, 2018.JPG
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