Yasemin Topcam

Yasemin Topcam is a recent graduate from BA (Hons) Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth. Working predominantly with the digital image in a Fine Art context, Yasemin’s work explores the ontology of the photograph, challenging what a photograph is within contemporary art. As well as this, Yasemin has had experience in a gallery setting and is currently based in the South of England.



rehash, re-imagine is a series of images which have been decontextualised from their original photographs. Using the camera as a device to create a base image, the work is realised through post-production.

Questioning the notion of contemporary photography, the work aims to explore the ontology of the photograph. The imperative point of the work is determined by the viewing, challenging an audience to question their notion of ‘the real’.


National Biennale: Derby 2016