Yarza twins

Eva and Marta Yarza are twins born in Vigo (Spain). As precocious children, they learnt to draw before they were able to walk, they soon developed a big interest in arts and, as twins, they had the chance to explore their creativity together since the very beginning, bringing and developing together new artistic ideas and tools that helped them develop and discover their work as artists.

Eva studied Fine Arts and then MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, she has interned for Sagmeister & Walsh in New York. Marta studied Construction engineering and later studied the same master as Eva. They are both based in London. Together they have made it into Print Magazine's 2016 "15 most exciting visual artists under 30 in the world", their work has been featured in It's Nice That, ƒtapes, Yorokobu and Page Magazine among others.



This is a series of portraits, they are a study on colour and characters and an introduction to our style, which is in between photography and illustration. We created this series of portraits by ripping off images found on the internet, transforming these in a way that no one would identify. The portraits show people who seem real and fake at the same time, people extremely obsessed with fashion and modern culture that look trapped in the frame, they are as real as fake, and try to show, therefore, that they are somehow a portrait of our current society.


National Biennale: Derby 2016