Xiuching Tsay

Xiuching Tsay originally came from Thailand, she is living in London to explore western pop culture, as pop culture highly influences her vision. Recently, She freshly graduated from London College of Fashion in (BA) Fashion Illustration. For her work, She aims to ignore those elegant fashion drawing or luxurious feminine figures, instead she like to create pictures in simplistic style and cartoonistic style but look sexual attractive at the same time. In her work she always put sexual hints or sexual innuendos. This is because she always has been interested in decoding hidden messages from advertisements and sexual messages appear in many advertisements especially fashion advertising.


For this project, I have created an icon named ‘Lolla’. The icon represents sexual innuendos. Lolla always has been featured in every advertisement that created in forms of painting, following my visions about advertisement's contexts. For the paintings, I mainly use acrylics and paint them smoothly, so the paintings look very flat and clean in a graphic style.

These artworks almost look like abstract paintings, as they are not giving direct meanings. However, they actually contain various hidden meanings. The artworks perform as puzzle games that will provoke audiences to notice the sexual messages and to pay more attentions on what modern advertising are trying to say.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

Visual ArtsOliver WoodX