XAS is not a human, it is an idea. Layered, complex and in a continuous state of change. Just like water, but flowing upstream, almost as if in sign of protest. The music is rebellious conformity. It teaches about Shamanism, exploration of the inner soul and connection to the world. It makes you feel familiar, feeds on your curiosity and rewards emotions. Those emotions you weren’t sure you had. Immerse yourself within XAS, walk the Shaman’s path and tell us what you learned.


XAS’ music chronicles the artists’ sonic journey and evolution. A live performance with a modern, fast-paced and electric tone laced with an atmospheric approach that is the personification of his environment. Using a keyboard, sample pad and a laptop, he creates a soundtrack best enjoyed loud. A motion picture happening in the back of your eyes.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

MusicOliver WoodX