Won Hee Nam

Won Hee Nam was born in Seoul South Korea. In 2016 he was a Suwon Foundation and ABE company UKYA artist ambassador. Won Hee Nam has previously exhibited 'Face' at Seojung Art centre, 2017; UKYA exhibition 'The beginning', 2017.

My Winter Story

I turned on my side while the night goes.
I stayed up all night, waiting for day to break.
No one was beside me; the sound of snow falling has captured my hearing.
After a long night, there was snow land.
The photos of winter trees are memories from blazing cold winter. I find myself reflecting my life when i am just looking at the trees eager to survive the harsh winter. Those are the time that i want to snap the photos to keep in my memory forever.

I love film.
When the life in the world keep evolving and changing,
I feel that film might just be the best tool to keep starry,
Silent and loneliness memories of mine.
Film comes with patience.
And at the end, my memories are kept forever.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

winter tree 2018(3).jpg
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