Wilderness Hymnal

Javier Wallis is a multidisciplinary singer, composer, producer and visual artist, working primarily with voice, piano, organ and electronics. Fascinated by liminal spaces, genetic memory and the shadow side of human nature, he has developed his practice writing music for radio, stage and film and performing across Greater Manchester since 2014. His live performances focus on transporting audiences and fostering an intense emotional connection through dynamic, immersive sound, intimate lyricism, projections or costume and a powerful vocal delivery.


Javier produces music that combines the dynamics and range of classical and ambient music with shorter, pop structures and forms.
Both as a cross-genre collaborator and in his solo project Wilderness Hymnal, he demonstrates an uncanny ability to merge disparate styles into a cinematic, thrilling whole - augmenting his role as a singer-songwriter with a cathartic blend of modern classical, psychedelic drone, doom metal and frosty electronica.
Through this he explores deep personal anxieties around human violence, climate change and powerlessness. His work is deeply cathartic and bristles with the fears of a generation facing an ominous future, economically and ecologically.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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