What Is Written

What Is Written Dance Company is an unique emerging dance company comprised of individuals from different training and style backgrounds, connected by the journey of exploring the liberation of oneself through the medium of dance, pushing their extremities to create new movement vocabulary and innovative dance pieces. The company is comprised of two choreographers, and they have experience both in teaching and choreography, and they have developed a unique choreographic partnership unlike any other. Creating a unique method of practice, which pursues an original form of collaboration and practice making it the first company collaboration of its kind.



This current dance production by What Is Written Dance Company is called "Unsettled" which debuted at the prestigious Rose Theatre in Kingston Upon Thames. This new production is loosely based on the story of a man named Igor, a true story involving the politics of a country in a time of corruption, death feuds and gangs. We want to discover to what extent a person can be pushed and how far can their boundaries expand in order to survive. The aim is to explore how this concept of extremities can be transformed, transmuted and communicated through the medium of dance.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

PerformanceOliver WoodW