Vittorio Campanella + Emanuele Piras

We are Vittorio, director and sound designer, and Emanuele, dancer and choreographer. We are conducting two different artistic ways made by visual arts, music, performance for me (Vittorio) and by dance (Emanuele) that sometimes intersect and become a new collaboration project. We live in Italy, Turin and this is our first work together that has been brought to life by winning a video-dance contest called CAMPO
LARGO. I am studying at Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino and working as an artist/musician while Emanuele
is working at BTT (Balletto Teatro Torino) as a professional Dancer. We are now producing other videos together because we think that this is the way our works can merge into an artistic product.


The video-dance project that we present takes place in one of the oldest “open air” markets in the City of Turin, that is
today a very important social spot in the neighbourhood “Barriera di Milano”. It's the short story of a young man that goes to the local market and that, suddenly, it's “possessed” by the sounds of people, food and environment around him. These sounds become quickly a true soundtrack on which the young man start to dance walking and moving inside the market. Every shot and scene is true and there are no actors except for him; our target was trying to interact
in the most direct way with people and we can say, at the end of the project, that we made it. We are interested in the
hitch, the glitch that transform something ordinary in extraordinary. Using the “pre-existing”, we want to suggest the spectator to identify himself with the dancer to perceive the reality with better ears and eyes in order to see the hidden beauty of things.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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