Vikesh Govind

Vikesh Govind is a self-taught visual artist originally from the midlands with roots in India and Zimbabwe, but now based in London. Picking up a camera only three years ago, he has quickly developed a natural grasp of film and photography, using his mix of cultural backgrounds to inform both his work and perspective.

As a science graduate, he became fascinated with the concept of human existence and psychology. This, alongside a growing interest in moving image, led him to create emotive, thought-provoking visuals that invites an audience to explore different parts of their own being.


Shoes displays the battle between the public and private masks we all wear. The poem underlying the piece then delves deeper and considers how the expectations and prejudices of Western culture can often exclude those who don’t fit in to normative identities of race, gender or class. Govind’s visual interpretation reflects on the racial politics that underlies the poem.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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Moving ImageOliver WoodV