Victoria-Melita Zammit

Victoria-Melita Zammit is a twenty-something writer and spoken word performer. She has been writing for as long as she has been able to hold a pen, and has tried her hand at all different kinds of literature. She has fluctuated between calling herself a poet and a writer, but at the moment seems to have settled on poet. She is always trying to find new ways of writing and expressing herself, but she always comes back to spoken word poetry because of how it feels like the perfect amalgamation of poetry and theatre. She has published a book (on sale on Amazon) called ‘Painted Words: A Poetry Collection’ and is planning more publications in the future. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English Literature from the University of Malta and an ATCL Voice and Performance Diploma from Trinity College, London.

How to Tame A Dragon ; An Open Letter ; The List

How to Tame A Dragon is a spoken word poem about the ongoing battle with mental illnesses that we all face sometimes, using a dragon as a metaphor for the beast that we all try to slay. An Open Letter is a spoken word poem not about the person who is mentally ill, but rather about the romantic partner of that person. Written as an ode to my significant other, this poem deals with the mixed feelings of guilt and happiness that having a partner who sticks through the mental illness with you brings. The List is a break-up poem of sorts that deals with the break-up of friends. Many poems have been written about broken hearts, but sometimes the pain of losing a friend hurts more than losing a lover. This poem seeks to make sense of that pain.


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