Tiffany Slowik

Tiffany Slowik is an artist whose work spreads across sculpture, sound, and installation. Regarded as a maker of ‘things’ she appropriates and collects objects to form beings of their own. They live in humorous and colourful installations the artist creates. These uncanny sculptural pieces, and the environments made to contain them, attempt to reflect abstractly the absurdity of routine and false needs implicated by a consumerist and materialistic society. Tiffany graduated with an exceptional first class honours from Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in 2018.

An Ode to Thomas Dam

Does humanity thrive on conflict? This work is a montage of conflicts, disagreements, and war. Exposing humanity at its most vulnerable and beautiful, most destructive and ugly. Following the stories of a group of individuals who are the representation of mankind on Earth. Set in the gritty inner city of London, plagued by capitalism and materialistic greed, technological advancements that remove us from reality and numbingly steal our independence. We follow these individuals as they navigate this harsh world that was designed to divide and conquer them. Filled with conflict, internal strife, global scale wars, every day is filled with new tabloids of destruction and death. This is a world where the devil who cometh to steal, kill and destroy has fully been loosed, the only way to fight against such evil is to search oneself and find the spark of life, love, and understanding to finally end the conflict.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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