Thomas Franzoni

Design student at UNIRSM – San Marino Republic University. My name is Thomas. I was born October 14 th 1997. From 2011 to 2016, I attended artistic high school in Parma (PR, Italy). In 2015 I was selected for a street food project “Countreat” to national competition “NewDesign” at Biennal of Venice. My high school won a special mention having the largest number of selected ideas. I define myself as a determined and curious person.
I’ve many interests: the first one is product design and then are history art, music, travels and architecture.
Every day I try to observe and discover something new in the world around me. Never stop looking.

Mickey Glass

“The limit of material innovation doesn’t reside in material but in the approach that designer adopt”. I designed a tool that can improve Murano’s glass process, especially the phase of compression and stretching of material. A re-examination of blowpipe, the rod used by master glassmakers, has allowed the creation of four tips, different from each other, which will be used when temperature of glass bolus will start to fall and glass can still be shapeable. These tips will always give different shapes to piece of glass, giving maximum freedom to master glassmaker, guaranteeing originality and uniqueness for each element created. Project is called “Mickey Glass” because curved shapes recall Mickey Mouse’s face, one of most popular character in the world. Mickey Mouse represents the values of sharing, equality and respect but at same time having fun with others. Same values will be present during many events in Nottingham. Mickey Glass is a unique piece because it was made with transparent Murano’s glass (this because product lines stand out much more). The transparency of glass recalls clarity, genuineness and sincerity of human relationships among people, starting precisely from harmony of people who work in the furnaces of Murano. This incredible result was achieved thanks to our teacher who believed in us and in this fantastic project.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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