Thodoris Trampas

Thodoris Trampas was born in 1991 in Devonport, Australia and he comes from Serres. In 2010 he was admitted in the School of Fine Arts in Athens where he studied painting under distinguished professors like Giannis Psychopaidis. He graduated with honors in 2015. He completed cycles of workshops such as courses on video art-multimedia, photography, design and engraving, as well as a three-year performance seminar Β by Emilia ouriti. He is a scholarship holder of the Master program: “Education Sciences-Special Education” of the University of Nicosia. He cooperated with MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute) and NEON (Culture and Development Organization) for the Long Duration Performance in Greece at the Benaki Museum. He participated in the “Cleaning in the House” workshop centered on the “Marina Abramovic Method”. He has been selected by the 11th Florence Biennale 2017 in Fortezza da Basso entitled: “eARTH, Creativity & Sustainability”.He lives and works in Athens dealing mainly with painting, which led him to bodily expression through improvisation and to installation on site, especially with performance art. He has participated in group exhibitions and festivals in Greece and abroad and his works are included in private collections.


Nature and creation, division and composition. Thodoris Trampas delineates a process of union through destruction, and the need for reconciliation with the other side. In an enclosed space, six metres by seven, for seven weeks and eight hours each day, the body is set against the material world — a large piece of rock — in order to create its replica in plaster. This copying, this repetition, is a way of experiencing the existence of nature from scratch. Smashing the rock differentiates the copy from the original, and the resulting fragments accumulate and change the mass of the material — transform it, give it new form. This documentary is the process where the long-durational performance becomes a movie. A visual documentary that describes life in the Pangea, which reproduces the wholeness of a visual work from beginning to end.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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