The Middleton Corpus

Anthony began creating his work as ‘theMiddletonCorpus’ in 2012, combining the physical disciplines of Acrobatics, gymnastics and contemporary dance and his interests in sculpture and also Butoh.

Exploring concepts inspired by nature and philosophy, Anthony’s unique choreographic approach, enable him to create visually striking, hypnotic and physically impressive performances that absorb audiences of varying ages and backgrounds, for both theatrical venues as well as outdoor and unconventional spaces.

Anthony’s work with ‘theMiddletonCorpus’ has been programmed and presented at many UK and international festivals including GDIF (London), ‘Wheee! Festival 2017’ (Nottingham), Wilderness Festival, Abundance (Sweden) and independent presentations in Montenegro.


I would like to present ‘Cloud’ as part of the programme for the ‘City-takeover’. The concept of ‘Cloud’ was a celebration of creative freedom, liberation from restrictions and barriers. In 2016, there was particular attention, in the public eye, on the refugee crisis, which raised many politically polarising opinions. I felt that I had to capture my own feelings around the subject, within a piece of performance. I wanted to embody the ethereal, formless nature of drifting cloud in the bodies of 2 performers. This serves as a metaphor for my own belief that all people should be free, to have ambition, to dream, to express and to wander. The piece is choreographed to travel along a single line that can be manipulated to journey through any space, on any surface, regardless of any obstacles; a resilient and defiant creation, that carries only a message of hope and peace.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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