The Critical Collective

The Critical Collective is a theatre company dedicated to the development, performance & promotion of new writing. In partnership with musicians, artists, photographers and other creatives working within Leicester and further afield, the Collective helps writers workshop their text through collaboration between mediums and gives them a platform for their work. Recent performances include a rehearsed reading for Samuel Newton’s ‘The Cole Porter Cookbook’, and an extract of Jack Squires’ in-development ‘It’s a Wise Child’ at Check-In Festival.

It's a Wise Child

Annie is worried about her youngest, Rosa. Convinced she’s heading the same way as her dearest son Robbie - the ex-child prodigy who walked out to sea three years ago - she enlists the help of her eldest daughter, the highly intelligent, yet self-centred Rita. Realising her little sister’s issues may be genuine rather than melodrama after being asked the impossible, wannabe actress Rita begrudgingly takes a more unorthodox approach to avoid Rosa’s imminent emotional breakdown.

Performed entirely around a bath by a cast of two, ‘It’s a Wise Child’ is a humorous and insightful piece of new theatre exploring themes of family, suicide, and the struggle that often comes with the pursuit of art.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

PerformanceOliver WoodT