Tabitha Carver

Tabitha Carver is a recent graduate whose work focuses on the relationship between feminism, the digital and representations of the self online. Although fundamentally photographic, her work is concerned with challenging an ocular-centric media landscape through the use of Virtual Reality.
Most notably, her work was recently featured in Empowerment, an exhibition in aid of International Women’s Day curated by Creative Debuts and Nasty Women (NYC, UK, Brussels) which took place in central London.

Tabitha grew up in Germany, whilst also having lived in Tokyo, before moving to London to study at Goldsmiths, University of London.

A State Of Becoming

This work contemplates the interrelation of identity, the body, sexuality and womanhood within digital spaces. Using VR technology, each viewer is invited to experience the piece individually. The digitally constructed environment plays with ambient audio and negative space to create a multi-sensorial experience in direct opposition to a visually saturated media landscape.

An initial interest in representations of the self online, and what this means for young women, became a work which encourages feminist exploration, asking questions about an often accepted dichotomy of an online and ‘real’ self. Each participant is invited to become a voyeur in an immersive environment, and is offered the opportunity to reflect upon how they relate to the piece.

The intention of the work is to facilitate discussion around these themes, but also to allow the viewer to experience an immersive artwork as made possible by photographic apparatus and contemplate the possibilities of evolving technologies.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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