Sun Young Hwang

Sun Hwang is interested in passing thoughts in everyday life. These simple thoughts or
sometimes clichés are marked through her paintings, and performance art. Hwang tries to capture the scenes where her gaze stays, with an emphasis on colors. Her recent exhibitions include: ‘Gallery on JaJu’ (solo show), The Box Studio (group exhibition), and ‘HCMC opera house’ (stage art). Originally from Seoul, Sun graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015.

Sun’s work is the process of rediscovering and capturing where her gaze stays in nature, city space, and daydreams. She talks about ironies and passing thoughts in moments of life derived from the perspective of a
space or one’s beliefs. The process focuses particularly on the role of color. Strong contrast reflects inspiration for the person or scene in which her eyes stayed at the moment. The idea of surging emotions, unstable thoughts, and imperfect moments of regret come together to form a complete " self “ is referred throughout her paintings.

“Asian Eat the Rice”

The painting came about when I told my brother jokingly to eat his lunch, ‘hey Asian! Eat the rice’ Then came the thought, it is a joke that can be acceptable, coming from an Asian’s mouth to an asian which is questionable. In any case where human perceive differences, such as race, weight, gender, language, religion, virtually anything can form stereotypes and discrimination. Aphrodite: The Goddess of love who is born not of love, but from blood from cut penis! The Irony! Suck if you have to: Who am I to judge? He could suck if he has to.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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