Stuart Robinson

I am a mixed media sculptor/installation artist, and also work with photography. My work focuses on the everyday and the mundane but put or manipulated into situations or circumstances that are out of the ordinary. Interaction, be it literal or implied, play and elements of absurdity are all essential in some way to each work. Yet, underneath this lays a sense of uneasiness as to what has happened or what may be yet to happen. I also use scale a lot in my work, to manipulate readings of objects and to put objects into a situation outside of how we might normally experience them. My work varies from piece to piece in its size, media and subject matter but always look towards the same themes and ideas.


Trojan was placed tilted forwards and by the gallery entrance to be an imposing presence. It's size and scale are not what you expect of a birdbox and it evokes thoughts of b-movies with 'super-sized' protagonists. There is an element of mystery to it, why is it so large? what may be inside and what are it's intentions. It was accompanied by photos of it lurking in the surrounding street which as a process became a performative element. The object is meant to be sinister, but also a little fun and this interplay is quite important to the work and my work in general. Ideally if the work were to be chosen i would like to take photographs of it in the surroundings of the exhibition and have these displayed alongside it. This gives the work an extra element of site-specificity.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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