Steven Poxson

I create images unconventionally, playing with the process of photography and what this will represent in the image itself. I am fascinated by the way the photograph can confuse the viewer, turning their beliefs and ideas on their head, which has inspired his series ‘Abnormal Beauty’.


In the age of digital photography I am reinventing this form by emulating the early processes of the photogram. To create his alluringly decorative images, the photographer places the objects that interest me on a flat bed scanner, through which he is able to elevate these objects into something extraordinary, whilst questioning what a photograph really is and how we understand the medium of photography. The objects are scanned at a high resolution preserving a density of detail that is beyond the limits of the human eye. This places them almost into a hyper reality where the viewer feels like they can almost reach out and touch them. The images are at once enticing and repulsive; viewers are drawn into examining them by their detailed actuality and their attractive arrangement yet on closer inspection they are disgusted by what some of these objects actually are.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

Visual ArtsOliver WoodS