SoulUrge5 is a creative duo consisting of two newly graduated dance students from De Montfort University in Leicester. Their experience as collaborative dance artists has led to their interest in the qualities of authenticity and rawness in performance and how these relate to an audience's experience. They hope to platform contemporary dance through performance making and community workshops. SU5’s vision is to create contemporary dance performance, with a focus on installation work that challenges and engages audience perceptions. To do this, they want to create small-scale duet performance work that explores contact work, improvisation and the ideas emanating from process versus performance. By uniquely blending live choreography with digital music and media they create an immersive experience, not just a viewing!


Before and Now Episode 1 explores process revealed and embedded in movement and performance. The initial impetus for the work orbited around ideas surrounding authenticity, rawness, improvisation and immediacy in creating and performing. The presentational form blends an edited arrangement of digital documentary footage, taken from our rehearsal process together with live responses in music and dance. The performance space is altered to create an onstage installation of TVs, flanked by opposite rows of seats. These serve as the frame and the context for the live interventions by the choreographers, the composer and the digital media.

'The presentational form of the work is unambiguous; it employs two distinct mediums - live and digital - in a highly accomplished, inventive and authoritative compositional arrangement. The physical set up of the environment instantly encourages the audience to access the performers space and is a nod towards the non-conventional use of the traditional audience/performer relationship.'

(Jo Breslin - BBC Performing Arts - Dance Awards adjudicator; HEA Performing Arts/Dance advisory panelist)


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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