Sophie Sparham

Sophie Sparham aka Sophie Ranx is a sci-fi fantasy writer, spoken word artist and music journalist from Derby. She has released her first book, Snow in Hell, and is currently half way through penning her follow up, God Sized to Go. She’s extremely passionate about the representation of LGBT+ characters within her genre of fiction and believes that they need to be more prevalent.

Sophie regularly performs her poetry at various punk and music gigs around the UK, shedding light on issues such as homophobia, racism and feminist issues.

She also writes for the music blog Louder Than War and her local paper the Derby Telegraph.


If they won't place us in the history books, we'll write our own stories

Description of Work: My work will aim to give a voice to the people whose revolutions have been forgotten. I will perform spoken word pieces about history's hidden hero in places around Derby that aren't typically poetry and art spaces. I will also give out zines with facts in to inform people about what these great people did. I hope that people come away feeling inspired and as though they can change something.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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