Sooln Ahn

Ahn Soo-in, based in Seoul, South Korea, identifies herself as a painter. Wide variety of materials are used for creation of her pieces such as Korean ink, colored pencils, charcoal, gouache, acrylic and oil paints and many
more. Soo-in finds interest in shapes of creatures and their lives, and her artworks show a transformation of the human body into a unique space, inspired by living organisms of plants and animals. Recent exhibitions are: Art Space Noon, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Kookmin Art Gallery, Indi Art Hall Gong and Hapjungjigu, etc. She has just completed her master's degree in Fine Arts at Kookmin University.

‘Body blossom’ series (2016) / ‘Body house’ series (2017)
A series of ‘Body blossom’ and ‘Body house’ uses materials such as Korean ink, gouache, watercolors, colored
pencils on traditional, dyed Korean paper. The work starts with the imaginative process of how plants and
animals could live in the human body. Realistically, all species and plants cannot coexist in the same
environment due to climatic, geographical and other biological differences. It is also impossible for them to
live just on nourishment from the human body. However, in my artworks, animals and plants can live by
simply exposing themselves to the viewer. They hide, help each other, come out again – it is a story of coping
and adapting to the unpredictable changes that occur in the space.

 ‘Flinching landscape’ series (2018)
The acrylic painting series of ‘Flinching landscape’ is about the process of recreating inner parts of the human
body (organs, bones) into new spaces and structures. With successive imagination the body becomes the
home of animals and plants. It is also a study which explores the wish to see how animals and plants can live
in a better place inside the painting. The ‘Flinching landscape’ series is not the end of this exploration, as the
study of specific new shapes will continue and expand through following artworks.

 woodcut-print series: ‘Body blossom’(2016) / ‘When the seed is falling down’(2017) / ‘Body bud’(2017)

The woodcut-print series “Body blossom”, “When the seed is falling down” and “Body bud” has a different atmosphere because of the nature of the printmaking technique. When the three pieces are arranged, a new storyline can be created – audience has the opportunity to look for such hints of the story. The series tells a tale of an animal who wants to have a human heart – the most important part of the human body.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

1. Ahn SooIn ∏ˆ∂◊æ∆∏Æ¡˝(Body House)_series no.1   297°ø420mm  pencil, colored pencil, Korean ink, water color, acrylic and gouache on dyed paper 2017.jpg
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