Sonia Marpez

Sonia Marpez is a photographer, poet and curator established in Málaga, Spain. She coordinated Obituario, a monographic book about death (Málaga Foundation, 2015), and the homonymous magazine for four years. Her work, made of melancholy images and sharp brevity, has been awarded in many literature contests, like MálagaCrea in 2015 or Xuventude Crea and the Young Creators (Salamanca) in 2017. Recently, she has published her first book of poetry, Demolición, in the Monosabio collection.


Poetry partea is a presentation of my poems written on one hundred teabags full of confetti. On one side of
each teabag the poem appear in Spanish and in the other one it has the translation to English. My aim is to
play with these familiar concepts and objects to celebrate a poetry party with a very idiosyncratic element in
England: tea. Naturally, the visitors can take home these teabags.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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