Simone Sims Longo

Simone Sims Longo is a composer and performer of electronic music. He is interested in creating and processing sound in the digital domain, focused on timbre exploration with different techniques: physical modelling synthesis, sound granulation, FM synthesis, signal processing and digital deconstruction of concrete sounds. In his works he often use a multi-level iteration of sound samples, investigating on asynchronous polyrhythmic texture changes. Numerous are the live-sets dedicated to the dancefloor among techno, experimentation and the most advanced part of club music. He obtained a master degree in electronic music at G.F.Ghedini Conservatory of Cuneo.


Neutro is an audio-video multichannel live performance aimed to investigate the concept of nothingness through sound geometries which evolve in time and space.
The audiovisual work is divided in 4 sections, each part uses a different video technique. The audio is based on multi level iteration of sounds samples organized in a minimal structure; the result is a polyrhythmic texture that changes through the space. The work is live performed with Ableton and MaxMSP, composed during an artist residence at ZKM (IMA Institute for music and acoustics).


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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