Si Tew

I have been involved in music since an early age and it has always played an important role in my life. I learnt to play several instruments up until my early teens when I opted to put them down and pick up the turntables. Experimentation from genre to genre, over the years, has taught me that many styles can be combined. This fusion made me realise that I was beginning to form my own language within music.


I see this piece as a direct product of my musical upbringing. Starting as a classical pianist and later becoming an electronic music performer and DJ I have developed a style that has the beauty and harmonic structure of classical music but the timbre and construction of electronic music. The tracks that I have uploaded are from my debut album ‘When The Clouds Ran Away’; which is to be released on Atjazz Records in August 2010. The album is the first body of work that I have compiled and I have been lucky enough to collaborate with guitarists, singers, cellists and MC’s as well as artists and graphic designers to create a final piece that is not only a saleable product but also a clear representation of me as a musician. With festival bookings and shows booked over the summer I have created a live set that encapsulates the feel of the album and will enable me to reach live audiences with my music.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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