Shaun Hill

Shaun Hill is a queer poet exploring how we connect and the mediums we connect within. Infatuated with philosophies of touch and time, he uses performance to co-create with audiences sites of radical intimacy. Stacking images to a critical point in hope to bypass easy cynicism and find some version of a future where love can survive. Shaun likens this process to "pulling an elastic band as far as it can go until only the sting of the line remains". He is a multiple poetry festival slam winner, co-founder of "Loud&QueerEXETER", and has featured on stages across the UK at events like WOMAD 2018.

"What a way with words this poet has" - BeatFreeks
"His poetry is like lying in bed with a lover...intense and gorgeous with so many unspeakable things" -Malaika Kegode

The First Steps of Time-Travel

In this sequence of powerful poems two gay men try to reach other as they repeatedly fail to manoeuvre the circumference of a black hole.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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