Sam Schmitt

Sam Schmitt is a Canadian artist stuck in the long tradition of Canadian artists that romanticize landscape, an old obsession constantly attacked by the anxiety that we can make it disappear. Based in two dimensional image that our brains shouldn't be so good at converting to three, he makes the link with large scale installations that ask the viewer to stay and consider. Currently based in London, Sam is in his second year of his MFA at Goldsmiths.

Living Room

A room for you to sit in, with walls printed by hand, woven, painted and dyed; custom manufactured, and as all things, affected by digital altercation. Comfortable materials you get to sit on that many things have laboured to create, don’t forget that. The lighting may be bright, please don’t be jarred, the fuels that power them just have too much potential, we need to use them. Be jarred when you realize what the potential in each material means. Look up at the landscapes that do exist, but that the one who made them hasn’t been to, the events he hasn’t had to experience. They are overly saturated and two dimensional, but you still recognize what they depict. Realize that it is amazing your eyes can recognize what they depict. Your perception of catastrophe is a curious thing.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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