Sam Baker

By deliberately twisting, bending and pinching linear forms I am creating a new physical act of communication. The works stand as sites of a past performance where I have laboriously cut into materials creating conversation about production, finesse and technical virtuosity. The introduction of steam is an activator that playfully turns a process into a material within itself, by rupturing the binary relationships of wood and steel.

There is an out of control nature to steam and the way that it will not behave as a physical, matter based material. As vapour, steam is pervasive and intangible. I am interested in mocking and provoking the physical through the use of steam as a force to create and destroy.

I would like to propose a new work that is currently in its preliminary stages. Following on from my current research into the physical properties of steam I would like to create an insulated copper system that will lie on top of a slab of wax. The work will change throughout the exhibition and respond each day to the time in which the work is activated. (Steam run through the system)

This activation will occur as a performance for 1 hour every day that the festival is open. Multiple temporalities will become present within the work as the piping begins to shift under the melting wax base. I want the Sculpture to become autonomous as it finds its own centre. Responding, shifting and adapting daily to its new physical environment and altering landscape.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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