Sam Baker

Sculptural practice is about testing the possibilities of an object. By experimenting, dissecting and reinventing the real world Sam Baker creates forms that push, question and play with the potential of a material. By reinvigorating objects with a new status, it is possible to test what a materials function is and perhaps more excitingly, transform the way in which it exists in the constructed world.

Sam Baker graduated in 2014 from Kingston University with a first class degree in Fine Art and will be starting a Masters in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in September 2016.


I am really interested in UKYA's ethos of bringing people together from different artistic disciplines and sharing our own individual experiences. This idea of unity was also the starting point for my work. As a contribution to the festival I wanted to make a piece of sculpture that pushed the ideas of alliance not just nationally but internationally by embarking on a research trip to Derby’s twinned city: Osnabruck. Here, I will be looking at common materials, structures and the city’s architecture whilst trying to build a relationship through sculpture that can be reconstructed in Derby; fusing a new material link between the two cities.


National Biennale: Derby 2016