Sadegh Aleahmad

Sadegh Aleahmad’s artistic endeavor and his life long pursue of an alternative understanding of knowledge and its production stems from many issues across the cultural and philosophical platforms rooting in his history and upbringing, which was an outcome of a unique fusion between Classical Islamic philosophy, and an Islamised version of western rationalism in post-revolutionary Iran. Later being fascinated in Physics and scientific methodology as a model for his own understanding of the universe and himself, resulted in studying Physics at BSc level.

He is currently studying PhD in Fine Art at Kingston University and aiming to finish by September 2017.


The main objective of this site-specific performance is to question the ideas of self as a site of conflict between an entity and its projected re-presentation, and to explore underlying assumptions and clashes between artistic intentions and viewer’s perception. This has been stimulated by the tension present between the presumed role of an active artist being mistakenly recognised for a terrorist.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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