Ross Little

Ross Little is an artist, who works in moving image to represent the complexity of contemporary economic and social relations. In his research, he reflects on the entanglements of globalisation, the permeability of cultures, and the power dynamics that shape them, acknowledging the impossibility of ever perceiving these systems in their entirety. Recent solo shows include 'On General Antagonism' (2018), Frontera 115, Mexico City; 'The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of The Air Condition' (2017), Collective Gallery (Edinburgh Art Festival), Edinburgh. Ross Little studied Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2011.


Dukhov' is a two-channel film installation, newly commissioned by Falte Projects. It draws upon the participatory action experienced during the recent Velvet Revolution in Armenia and the collective awareness seen in historical accounts of Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland. The film investigates zones of alternative governance and ways in which freedom might be enacted, questioning the existing choreographies of resistance through two parallel cases study. Direct involvement and personal encounters experienced during a residency in Yerevan and visits to Faslane, informed this document of the demonstrations and their inner strategies of alliance. It questions how we develop forms of resistance and our political imagination. The work presents a conflict of hope and disappointment that is present in all political movements, asking ‘How do we carry on?’ And “Where do we go from here?”


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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