Rory Strudwick

Rory Strudwick is a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art in textiles print. His work specialises in colour theory which he explores through print, photography, painting and Photoshop.
Rory's work is driven by his fascination with how colours interact and play with one and other which he explores through his textiles as various colour studies.
He recently received a commendation from the worshipful company of dyers, and has exhibited at New Designers (group), GSA degree show (group) and an independent multi-disciplinary exhibition called Composite.

Colour Studies

The overall theme of my work centres on the behaviour of colour through light, by exploring shape, colour composition and colour mixing.

I approach this by manipulating light and pigment mixtures to induce colours from their surrounding and mixtures. I have extensively explored colour through screen printing and painting which, has given me a deep understanding of colour wheels and colour behaviours through mixing.

The theories which I have concentrated on all related to relationships and chemical mixtures of colours. For example, the idea of the negative after-image helps inform the theory of correct colour harmony, and so finding perfect complementary colours can be proven by the proportional mixture of middle grey from said colours.

My work is satisfying for me to make and look at and so, I hope it would have the same effect for others.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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