Rory Laycock

Rory Laycock was born in Oxford, England in 1990. He received his First Class BA in Fine Art from the University of Cumbria in 2014. Laycock has exhibited nationally and internationally including being a finalist in Arte Laguna Prize in the Virtual and Digital Arts category. His work was selected for an international discussion on art and technology for the European Commission to influence future policy. Laycock currently lives and works in Scotland.


The Internet has become the new horizon - a platform for which we place ourselves within and determine our position in relation to its vast and ever-changing qualities. As we immerse ourselves, we find the self becoming more weightless to gravity - experiencing freeness and limitlessness that is unique to this platform.

My work ‘Freefall’ attempts to explore the internet’s platform and our cultural relationship to it. The transition and placement of blue and green explores the concept of the sublime and how it can be created and modified through green screen technology to create a limitless space.


National Biennale: Derby 2016