Roma Havers

Shortlisted from UniSlam Roma Havers, 23, is a Manchester-based writer and performer. She has been commissioned by HOMEmcr, Manchester Histories and Manchester International Festival. She has performed on radio, television and festivals including Hay Festival and Contains Strong Language. She is currently working on a poetry collection called [sic] and a multi-modal project on agoraphobia called 'Bolted'. Her work has been described as ‘truly inventive and ambitious,’ its own ‘cryptolect’ while remaining ‘awfully familiar’.


Bolted' is a multi-modal performance piece which tells the story of a woman apparently trapped in her ever-transforming home, which begins to imitate her interior thoughts, some days the clocks begin to droop, or the windows disappear, or a room appears that she knows not to enter. highly poetic but character driven, and drawing on physical theatre and performance poetry staging, the piece is a powerful exploration of the effects of agoraphobia and a woman who truly believes 'her mother had made her up as a cautionary tale'.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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