Radage & Hardaker

Radage ▽ Hardaker is the close collaboration between Alicia Radage and Ro Hardaker. Their performance and curatorial practice regards space, place and the body’s relation to objects. In 2015-2016 they toured ‘vagina arsehole womb anus () o’ and began the curatorial project ‘Skeleton House’ occupying the empty shell of a Clapham townhouse as it reconfigured between home, studio, artist hotel and exhibition space. Together and separately they have shown work throughout the UK and internationally at SPILL (UK), TATE Modern, Venice International Performance Art Week (IT), CuerpAs3 Feminist Performance Festival (CL) and Queer Performatorium (CA).

/ expectant they / quivering them / swollen theirs

bod(y)(ies) positioned, repositioned in live time material smeared onto the flesh with violence and tenderness living images oscillating between tease and resistance charting a relationship to and with the(se) bod(y)(ies) exploring the uncommunicable and intangible


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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