Remi Graves

Remi Graves is a poet and drummer based in London. As a member of Roundhouse's Poetry Collective she has performed at festivals including Lovebox and Bestival. Her work, always rooted in the simplicity of daily events grapples with the slippery idea of identity, and aims to propose alternatives to the oppressive narratives surrounding selfhood and value offered by the status quo. Remi is also one half of Gertrude and Jemima, a poetry and music duo with South African poet Toni Stuart.


A Collection of words is a presentation of poems and spoken word pieces that grapple with the slippery notion of identity, and aim to re-instate ritual into daily practise. Modern life lacks an element of the sacred. Inspired by the connections between poetry and prayer, my poems explore the ritual and depth of meaning to be found in simple, unremarkable situations. Thus, I offer Prayer: A Collection of words as an antidote to a life where the magnificence of the moment is often overlooked. Listeners will be encouraged to interact with the poems in unorthodox ways and unusual settings.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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