Red Pig Flower is a Berlin based video & sound artist as well as techno DJ, musician and producer. Trained in four-dimensional time-based art at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, she has also been pursuing a serious DJ career with booking at famous nightclubs across the globe, from London to Berlin to Tokyo and beyond. Both her art and music backgrounds have helped her hone her skills to create immersive installations of uncompromised resilience, unconflicted by trade and art. Her departure from the insomniac world of nightclubs to the white cubes marks a journey within its own to find her own.

Deeply influenced by the Asian philosopher Zhu angzi (庄 子 ) and the Berlin techno scene, her works are often hypnotic, dreamy and boundaryless. She isn’t afraid to mix various media, such as combining holographic projections with different objects and sounds to get closer to her vision of a non-Western understanding of infinity. To achieve this, Red Pig Flower resorts to holographic figures representing virtual human non-form to convey her concerns.

Lately, her works have been exhibited in remarkable venues such as the NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Moscow, Goldsmiths University in London and the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, to name but a few. She had also recently been awarded with the Best Video Art prize at the Venezia Misteriosa contest.

This project is an exploration in memory. The art works are based on documentary film I made "first memory project". Memory has been a subject of mine since 2014, I was extremely interested in the blurry boundary between reality and imagination, the boundary between honesty and lie. Memory is like a shadow a kind of illusion but also our identity- without memory we can’t recognise ourselves. How do we face with our past? do we remember our past? do we recognise ourselves in photography? Like watching a shadow, our attitude towards seeing our past is very personal and abstract. It is very easy to change shape our concept of ourselves, like a jelly fish it is very hard to define. I believe memory is a shadow of past. always with us but kind of blurry and hard to figure out exactly what it is. we all need to grow up with our memory but grow up from our past.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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