Rebecca Wilson

My work is a collage of imagery and objects, and the recurring theme that brings the disparate areas of inspiration together is temptation Ð be it a naughty 50’s pinup, a flouncy shiny porcelain figurine, or a big fruity, creamy tart! I am drawn to the growing ridiculousness of food on the telly, with the likes of Nigella Lawson and the husky M&S voice overs that make you wonder whether you are supposed to be buying the chocolate mousse to eat or to bathe in it, or the increasingly bizarre Heston Blumethal whose creations are so elaborately crafted I couldn’t imagine ruining one by sticking a fork in it.


Eat Me; Keep Me is a series of small figurative sculpture groups focusing on the notion of self indulgence. In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn a symmetry of opposites between confectionary items and the predominant material of the series, porcelain. Both are similarly self indulgent, inspire desire and are coveted, but both are fundamentally frivolous. I have borrowed many of the titles from popular marketing slogans which I find are quite telling of the current attitude towards what we buy and eat. In today’s recession the supermarkets are putting the cross sections of the market firmly in their places with ‘best’ and ‘value’ ranges. Advertising campaigns play to our vanity and suggestibility, and in the competition to see which brand can be the sexiest we don’t know anymore whether we should be eating the chocolate pudding or pouring it all over ourselves! We are clearly enticed by the notion of food as a luxury, an indulgence, something a little bit naughty. And why not?


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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