Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry is a ceramicist who creates hand-built bespoke sculpture, the surface of the clay is used as a canvas for her abstract painting and drawing. The landscape and organic forms influence the ceramics that Rebecca produces, by interpreting the shapes found within the natural world through 2D and then translated onto a 3D object. Intuitive making and expressive marks left on the clays surface give tactile texture. Rebecca will graduate from a BA (Hons) 3D Design: Ceramics from Staffordshire University, July 2018. Recent exhibitions include: Focus Gallery, Nottingham (group), Pop-up gallery, Stafford, Wedgwood Museum, Stoke (group). Her graduate work will be displayed at New Designers Part 1, London, in June 2018.

Painted Vessels

The ceramics that I create are hand-built stoneware sculptures. Each piece is individual, the surface of the clay is decorated with abstract lines and brush marks. The surface is a continuation of layered slips, oxides, engobes and glaze until the desired result is achieved. Texture originates from the impression of my fingers on the clay as each coiled layer is joined. I leave the evidence of the construction to give the objects a sense of fluidity and organic qualities. My work explores how craft, art and design merge and blur to produce decorative ceramic objects. My pieces are different from others as they are made by me, the passion and dedication show in the crafted outcomes. The unusual form and contrast of dark blues against bright yellow gives a sense of intrigue.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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