Rebecca Livesey-Wright

Rebecca Livesey-Wright lives in Glasgow. She likes writing and performing poems, which is what she’ll be doing at the UKYA festival. However, she also likes walking, teaching kids art (which is what she does for a living) and coming up with ideas for zines that she never makes. Rebecca doesn’t like taking herself too seriously and has a slight tinge of imposter syndrome. Rebecca graduated in 2015, but because she did her final project on the issues with access to both higher education the arts, and meritocracy she won’t tell you what she graduated with or where from.


'SHIFT' is a collection of independent poems which are united through their reflections on changes in relationships, identity and location. Mostly written and memorised when walking, the poems contain both overt and subtle references to influences from the poet's surroundings, and speak along a rhythm, which, while not always regular, mimics the movement of her body and her mind. At times defiant, at others melancholic but always brutally honest, 'SHIFT' will take you on an intimate journey with the poet.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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