realtympanica combines digital media and theatre, creating site-responsive and socially engaged art. Having studied together at Goldsmiths College, the group was created in 2009 at the initiative of Renata Gaspar, Ioana P?un and Robert Redmer. They are based in London and are also individually active in Portugal, Romania and Germany. Their work has also included a series of collaborators from music, visual arts, playwriting, video, graphic design and IT.


Connection Failed happens live, inside a public launderette. The audience, wearing wireless headphones and sitting on the launderette bench, witness the interaction and tacit friction that goes on between three foreigners doing their laundry. The public hears a soundtrack that is in perfect synchronisation with the live action, shifting from one character to another and jumping inside their thoughts, soundscapes, fears, flashbacks. It is a fusion between film, radio play and live show. Standing very close to the action and hearing everything that goes on inside the character’s brain, the audience discover step by step the reasons behind their behavior, the consequences of their prejudices and the intense turmoil that lays inside ordinary passers-by. The piece intimately explores social friction. The audience follow a story located in a public space, while having access to private territory. They voyeuristically witness acts of aggression, clumsiness or indifference that find explanations within the sound they simultaneously hear. The headphones totally immerse the public into an artificially constructed hyper-reality that plays with their senses and certainties. Connection Failed had great impact on the public.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

PerformanceOliver WoodR